To signup for CrossFit Mantra’s 2019 Internal Open Competition, please enter your name and email address below, and then click on the SUBMIT button. Once we receive your entry, we will send you a PayPal request for your $20.00 buy-in.

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The CrossFit Mantra Team

*NOTE: If you would like to also signup for the Official 2019 CrossFit Open Games competition (for an additional $20 fee), go to this link:

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By clicking submit, you acknowledge that you will receive a payment request for $20 for your buy-in to complete in the 2019 CrossFit Mantra Internal Open Competition, and that proceeds will go to our competition and purchasing equipment for the gym. In addition to this, CrossFit Mantra will match up to $1,000. With the money we raise, we will purchase replacement equipment such as medballs and bumper plates, and new equipment based on member and coach feedback. A complete list will be provided before the 2019 Open.